Techniques and Advice for Managing Teams Remotely


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Techniques and Advice for Managing Teams Remotely

Techniques and advice for managing teams remotely

Anyone with management experience who is responsible for supervising other employees might have to manage their teams remotely at some point in their career. You might even work for a business that requires you to do that as standard.

Some simple steps can be taken to make the process of managing remote workers much smoother. An important first stage is to set clear expectations and goals. Different workers will have differing ideas about methods of working productively, so agreeing this upfront and focusing on setting careful objectives will help to keep you both on the same page. It will also help you to feel more comfortable when your team works flexible hours; often remote workers will complete their tasks at times when they feel most productive, but this can mean they vary from the normal 9-5. This can be stressful as the manager, so remember to always bring performance back to the goals and objectives you have agreed, not time spent in front of the computer screen. This, and much more, can be learnt on our organisational skills course.

The techniques and advice on this infographic will help you to master the art of remote management and ensure you always achieve the best possible results while avoiding stumbling blocks.

You may also wish to consider problem solving training.

Techniques and Advice for Managing Teams Remotely


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