44 ways to be more productive


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44 ways to be more productive

The working day can be long, tough and repetitive, and many of us fall into the habit of rolling out of bed and into the office without sparing a moment to consider the nuances of our routine. However, productivity requires 'working smarter' more than it demands working hard, and as your day unfolds there are plenty of opportunities to fine-tune your process for a more satisfying outcome.

[img class="rightfloat" style="padding: 1em;" alt="Time Management"]/asset/image/sharing/supporting/44-ways-be-more-productive-blog-01.png[/img]Time management is a recurring theme, and an effective work schedule will not only improve output but also lend a sense of control to your day. The 2 minute rule can help prevent the hours getting away from you: if a task comes up that will take more than two minutes, delegate it or add it to the list for later. Note your deadlines at the start of the day, and schedule them realistically, getting difficult tasks out of the way first and keeping an eye on the clock: move on when self-imposed deadlines are reached.

[img style="float: left; padding: 1em;" alt="Start the day cycling"]/asset/image/sharing/supporting/44-ways-be-more-productive-blog-02.png[/img]
Those moments when time is out of your hands, such as during the morning commute, are ideal opportunities to work on stress management. Cycling or walking to work can harmonise mind and body, but if travelling by car or public transport is necessary then listening to a podcast or reading a previously-saved article can be an inspiring start to the day.

Technology has made it easier than ever to maximise your productivity, with tools such as Excel macros or Apple's inbuilt Automater app designed to fulfil repetitive tasks on your behalf. It also pays to employ workplace apps such as Asana and Yammer to track the team's workload and keep the communication flowing.

The first thing you might want to share with colleagues is this list of 44 such methods for helping the day pass productively - check out the infographic below, and try taking on one achievable solution at a time or consider a professional organisational training London courses to learn how to become efficiency whizz.

44 ways to be more productive

Andrew Hewertson

Learning & Development Programmes Director


Andrew is a Learning and Development professional with 20 years training industry experience, specialising in the delivery of engaging and contextually relevant soft skills and Microsoft Office applications training.

STL provide learning solutions to help people and organisations be more productive. From time management, to leadership development, we're here to make work easier.


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