Tips for Taking Minutes in a Meeting


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Tips for Taking Minutes in a Meeting

Tips for taking minutes in a meeting

A business meeting can only be effective if the topics discussed, and the conclusions reached, are recorded for posterity. Taking minutes is an often undervalued skill, but one that can help to ensure all important information from a meeting is correctly recorded, processed, and saved for future reference.

Taking minutes is a skill, so can be improved not only through dedicated practice and experience, but also with professional development courses. Key elements to consider are your organisation skills, speed-writing, proof reading and critical thinking. Get a handle on these core elements, and you will be several steps closer to achieving useful, coherent and relevant minutes.

There are also many organisational and logistical steps you can take to make the process of taking minutes quicker and simple. Some of these steps will need to be taken before the meeting, some during, and of course some steps even after the meeting has finished.

If you have been informed you need to take minutes in a meeting, the tips in the infographic below should help you complete this task to the requisite high standard. Also see our minute taking courses!

Tips for Taking Minutes in a Meeting


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