Ten Ways to be more Assertive at Work

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Ten Ways to be more Assertive at Work

Ten ways to be more assertive at work

If you're unable to speak up and raise your voice, or share your opinion in the workplace or client meetings; you may well discover that you struggle to progress in your career and reach your full potential. With that in mind, and some assertiveness training you can learn how to better interact with others and conduct your business.

A great place to start with this is by recognising your worth and value in your role. What do you bring to your team and organisation? We are all valuable in some way, and it’s important to remember this when presenting new ideas or giving our opinions.

It’s also essential to learn the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviours in the workplace. You may observe certain people in your team who always seems to get their way, when they talk everyone listens, and nobody ever says no when they make a request. But sometimes these people move over from being assertive into being aggressive, particularly when they stop listening to others and don’t treat everyone with respect. Identifying the difference between aggression and assertion in the people around us is very helpful when trying to walk that fine line ourselves. Also see our emotional intelligence courses UK.

The tips and advice on this infographic should help to ensure you make headway and improve your approach in the future.

Ten Ways to be more Assertive at Work


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