Five Essential Communication Skills (that every manager needs)


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Five Essential Communication Skills (that every manager needs)

Whenever a candidate is being considered for a role, most employers will focus on their core competencies and experience. While it is, of course, important to look for solid technical skills and expertise in any new hire, many employers overlook the impact effective communication skills can have on the success of any new employee. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively with clients, colleagues and the public can have a significant bearing on a candidates' suitability for a role, and - in turn - on your own internal culture and staff turnover.

Whether you're looking at entry-level hire or new executives, ensuring your candidates have a firm grasp of this increasingly important soft-skill could make all the difference between a successful hire or a struggling one. To help you highlight communication skills in your potential candidates, we've put together a new infographic looking at five of the most important skills in this area, and how they can be improved.

Of course communication can also be taught - we can help with that!

Five Essential Communication Skills (that every manager needs)

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