The eight biggest time management mistakes and how to avoid them


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The eight biggest time management mistakes and how to avoid them

The eight biggest time management mistakes and how to avoid them

Time management is an important skill for all professionals, whether it’s executives, entry-level employees or small business owners. We've all either personally experienced or witnessed signs of poor time management; flustered late morning start, rushing to hand in that monthly report, feeling overworked and not in control to name a few examples.

You can gain the required skills with our time management courses london. But in the meantime, you can benefit from some of these time management tips:

Identifying the Problem
The first lesson in time management is identifying what needs to be done. Having a vague list or not clarifying your tasks is a certain way to end up rushing a job all of a sudden. Creating a clear list of tasks is your first item on your daily agenda.

Prioritising Tasks
It’s easy to do the simple jobs, but this can lead to letting more complex tasks getting rushed. Instead of always choosing the low hanging fruit, prioritise tasks according to deadlines and how long you estimate each task will take.

Minimising Distractions
Email, phones and texts have made us all accessible all the time, and trying to fit work around constant communication is tough. Try developing a to-do list so that you don’t lose track while you deal with more pressing issues.

How to Say No
Busy people attract work, but saying no is difficult to get used to. Take a moment to think about your schedule and how you can contribute to a task. Only say yes if you can fully commit - otherwise see if a compromise can be made.

Micromanaging and failure to delegate are both fast tracks to high stress and burnout. Try taking a step back from your activities and give others a chance to contribute. Loosening up will help you and your task!

Goal Setting
If you don’t know what you are aiming for then how do you know whether you have achieved? Setting a goal for the day, week and even for the year will help you prioritise the tasks that are most valuable and see the difference you are making.

Work Smart
If a task is going to take 8 hours to complete, starting 8 hours before the deadline might sound okay. But are you really going to work at your peak for such a long period? Breaks are not a waste of time. In fact, giving your brain a chance to relax could be the moment when you have an amazing idea. Give yourself plenty of time before a deadline to work at your best.

Get On With It!
Procrastination is all too easy in the modern age. Answering emails, checking stats and flicking through the news might feel productive but you haven’t even made a start on your task. Plan your time and try to alternate between tasks you like and the tasks you hate to encourage a better work ethic. In the end, though, you just have to get on with it!

Have a look at our infographic for more simple tips to improve your time management.

You can also learn how to use Outlook to manage your time efficiently and easily in one of our time management email training London courses.

The eight biggest time management mistakes and how to avoid them

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