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Anthony - MS Project

resolvedResolved · Medium Priority · Version 2010

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Anthony - MS Project

How do you ensure that projects saved in pdf, will print as a single sheet

RE: Anthony - MS Project

Hi John, thanks for your query. Apart from the general page size settings in Project you should set a custom page size using the Adobe printer settings. When you print to PDF look for the "Advanced Settings" button and select the page size option in the tree list. You might need to go back and forward re-PDFing the file and altering the custom page size until it fits.

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MS Project tip:

Formatting Bar Text

To display notes or resource initials on the Gantt chart bars, choose Format, Bar Styles and the Text tab. Select the position you want to show the text i.e. Top or Inside etc, then choose the field name you are looking for from the drop down arrow. Type the first letter of the name to get quickly to the top of the letter range. Click OK.

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