The Growing Cost of Excel Errors


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The Growing Cost of Excel Errors

Spreadsheets are used the world over by businesses of all sizes to store, analyse and present data, and they're often used as the basis for some pretty crucial (and expensive) business decisions. A mistake in one of these Excel spreadsheets can, and often does, lead to incorrect assumptions, misjudged calculations and poor decisions, and sometimes these decisions can cost millions. These issues can be further compounded by poorly automated spreadsheets which can scale errors at an alarming rate. All too often it's down to not having Excel VBA training, which underpins any serious attempt at setting up spreadsheet automation.

But just how big a problem are spreadsheet errors in the UK and internationally? To find out, we've produced a new infographic looking at the growing cost of Excel errors, and highlighting four examples where a spreadsheet mistake has cost a company millions. We've also included some information on how you can improve your own spreadsheet protocols, and avoid making the same mistakes in your own projects. You can also take our Microsoft Excel training to learn how to make your spreadsheet mistakes-free.

The Growing Cost of Excel Errors

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