The Principles of Data Storytelling


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The Principles of Data Storytelling

Telling stories using your data has never been easier. Data storytelling sits at the crossroads of art and science and utilises both to improve insights. Today, there are a wide range of programs (take a look at some Power BI basics) that can take the data produced by your business and visualise it in a range of different ways, with the idea that utilising this visual language makes understanding complex and often dry data much easier.

Other benefits include trend spotting and improved user engagement, but often the open-ended nature of these programs means that users with little training can easily be overwhelmed by the range of options to present this data, resulting in some dubious design and layout choices.

Just as statistics can be used selectively to present a biased argument, data visualisation and storytelling can easily confuse the reader, and even make the information harder to digest than it otherwise would be. To avoid this, we present our visual guide to the best practice principles of data storytelling, enabling you to produce more engaging and intuitive graphics. As a learning and solutions Power BI training provider we also offer Power BI Introduction training for those looking to get started on this widely used data visualisation software tool.

The Principles of Data Storytelling

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