Customer Service Excellence - Infographic


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Customer Service Excellence - Infographic

Looking To Deliver Great Profits?

Start by delivering great customer service.

Winning new customers is one thing, but when it comes to keeping them on-board, more often than not that comes down to delivering great customer service. After all, it costs much less to keep a customer than win a new one.

Here are some easy ways you can do that:

Invest in customer service for real ROI

Doing anything well requires investment in terms of time, effort and money. The good news is, with customer service, when you do it well, you’ll see a solid return on your investment. Analyse the CRM systems you currently have in place and see what you can do better. Look at best practices in your sector and what your competitors are doing and then train your staff to do it better.

Make it easy for customers

It might seem obvious, but being available to customers 24/7 can make all the difference. Let customers contact you through every means possible and encourage them to do so. Put systems in place that allow you to respond ASAP. If you don’t have the resources to respond outside business hours, respond as soon as practical, but automate systems to let the customer know that you’ve received their query and are dealing with it.

Understand customer needs

Providing a single point of contact, such as a dedicated account manager for customers, means there’s someone there with the expertise to respond quickly and effectively. When issues get resolved more quickly, the result is a more satisfied customer, who’ll keep coming back. Moreover, it means that you can build a more personal relationship, collecting information you can use to service clients better.

Remember too, it’s easier to under-promise than over-deliver. Never promise what you can’t deliver.

Use every tool available to you

There are a huge number of customer relationship management tools out there. Investigate what’s most suitable for your niche and the way you do business. Likewise, make sure your website is easy to navigate and use. Social media can be a big help too. Surprising your customers with discounts and vouchers to encourage loyalty and repeat business can work wonder for driving sales.

As far as the customer is concerned, customer service can hugely boost the value of the product or service you sell. Great customer service with a focus on value, convenience and flexibility will make sure your client stays with you longer and will also increase sales.

Customer Service Excellence

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