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Powerpoint and presentation skills for a good presentation

Powerpoint can give you the professional presentation – you can wow your audience with a   presentation with a strong impact.

Powerpoint can help you to create a presentation quickly and easily with ready made templates – it can help get your message across with smooth transitions between slides, animations on bullet points, and embed videos for active content.

But it is easy to get carried away with techniques and forget the skill of presenting itself. Your Powerpoint presentation can look polished, professional and compelling, but if your delivery and appearance isn’t a match to your content, your message may be lost.

At the planning stage of your Powerpoint presentation, it is worth considering the message you are getting across, the final event, and the delivery of the presentation.  Here you are looking at effective presentation tools and techniques to help persuade your audience, and knowing who your audience are.

These two core skills form the main ingredient of any presentation – which need one more special ingredient to make it all work…which is you, your knowledge, expertise and personality.  For your Powerpoint presentation to help you get your message across, it is helpful to look at ways of combining your skills with Powerpoint.

For a quick refresher in what makes a good presentation, you can access some tips from the Powerpoint File menu – there is a sample presentation which show-cases Powerpoint’s features, and combines these with presentation tips.

In the File menu, there is a Powerpoint presentation called Five Rules, which sets out some good practice guidelines for setting up and giving your presentation.

Powerpoint has a refresher to help inspire you – take a look at Five Rules

If you are looking to develop your presentation skills and get the most of Powerpoint 2007,  have a look at our Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 training courses  For one day courses on presentation skills take a peek at



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By Richard Bailey

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