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Course Certificate

resolvedResolved · Medium Priority · Version 2007

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Course Certificate

When will my colleagues and I receive our certificates for the web expression course we took on the 4th and 5th April 2011?

RE: course Certificate


Thanks for your certificate request, we've printed one off and it will be sent to you within a week.

Best regards



Expression Web tip:

Protecting Email Addresses

If you put mailto: links on your web page, spammers can crawl your web site and 'pick up' the e-mail addresses quite easily.

One tip to deal with this is to NOT use mailto: links at all. Simply write the e-mail address, and don't link it.

Spammers can get these e-mail addresses too, so one thing you can do to stop the majority of spammers getting just plain text e-mail addresses of your web pages is to use the following code:


This code will appear correctly on your web page and allows users to copy and paste it into their email client, but isn't seen by the automatic harvesters that spammers use.

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