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Clipboard Problem

resolvedResolved · Medium Priority · Version 2010

Roger has attended:
Excel VBA Intermediate course

Clipboard Problem

I am running a macro in Word which creates mirror image Odd & Even Headers & Footers, i.e. the left & right parts of the even headers & footers are swapped over compared to the corresponding odd ones. To do this, for example, I cut the applicable left header part & then paste it to the right header part. When I run the macro, certain headers are blank. However, when I single step through, it works perfectly. Is it possible that when I run at normal speed, the clipboard is being cleared? Would it therefore be better to store the text in a buffer rather than in the clipboard?

RE: Clipboard Problem

Hello Roger,

Thank you for your question. My colleagues and I have had a look and realised that we regrettably can't assist you with this. Word VBA falls outside of our scope of knowledge and training courses. We only train VBA in Access and Excel.

I do apologise for this.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard
Excel Trainer


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