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Date Manipulation

resolvedResolved · High Priority · Version 2003

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Date Manipulation

Is there a ready macro to check the format of the date, and if in US format, convert into British date format? Thanks

RE: Date Manipulation

Hi Michael

Thanks for the question. The following function chops up the date into day, month and year and then arranges it into UK format

Public Function DateConverter(USDate As String) As Date

Dim strMonth As String
Dim strDay As String
Dim strYear As String
Dim strDate As String

strDay = DatePart("d", USDate)
strMonth = DatePart("m", USDate)
strYear = DatePart("yyyy", USDate)

strDate = strDay & "/" & strMonth & "/" & strYear

DateConverter = CDate(strDate)

End Function

I hope this helps


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