Excel Courses – Rotating Text For Better Effects in Excel 2010

If you want to make your Excel Worksheet appear a little less dull, or maybe you want to draw attention to a certain section of text, why not try rotating the text.

And here’s how you can do it..

– Select the cell with the text in you would like to rotate.

– Click the Home tab on the Ribbon

– Then click a button which has the letters ”ab” (otherwise known as the ”Orientation” button)

– A pop up menu will then appear giving you choices on different rotations.

– If you want more control over the rotation, click Format Cell Alignment. Here, you can enter the number of degrees you wish to rotate the text.

It’s a simple as that but can add a whole new style to your Excel Worksheet.

Excel macro training: To change text to upper or proper case

On a recent Excel VBA Intermediate course everyone thought a macro for converting text to upper or proper case would be helpful. It’s a good one to put into your Personal Macro Workbook then assign to a button on your Quick Access Toolbar. Here’s how to do it:

1. Starting with a blank Workbook record a macro called ConvertCase in the Personal Macro Workbook. With Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 click View, Macros, Record Macro…

2. Press OK  then straight away click Macros, Stop Recording.

3. Press Alt+F11 to view the VBA Editor and open the module and code window for the blank ConvertCase macro.

4. Now add the following code:

Sub ConvertCase()
‘Macro to start frmConvertCase
End Sub

Sub Uppercase()
For Each rng In Selection
    rng.Value = UCase(rng.Value)
Next rng
End Sub

Sub Propercase()
For Each rng In Selection
    rng.Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.Proper(rng.Value)
Next rng
End Sub

5. Insert a User Form and name it frmConvertCase using the Properties window adding a caption ‘Convert Case’.

6. Add two Option buttons and two Command buttons to your form:

 7. Name the controls Upper, Proper, OK and Cancel adding captions as shown below.


 8. Double click the OK button and add the following code:

Private Sub OK_Click()
Dim rng As Range
If UPPER.Value = True Then
Call uppercase
ElseIf Proper.Value = True Then
Call propercase
MsgBox “Please choose either upper or proper case”
End If
End Sub

9. Close the code window the double click the Cancel button adding the following code:

Private Sub Cancel_Click()
Unload frmConvertCase
End Sub

10. Finally close the VBA Editor and customise your Quick Access Toolbar.
Select More Commands, Choose commands from Macros and select your ConvertCase macro, Add, OK.

That’s it. You now have a permenant button to change case of any selected text!