How to use document themes in Word 2010

Document themes are a quick way of adding a professional edge to your Word document.  It saves time so you don’t have to spend time choosing the individual elements of colours, headings, fonts, and other effects.   This is a bit more of an advanced word skill but it is very easy to do.

You can apply a document theme via the Page Layout tab using the Themes tab.

The theme button is in the Page Layout tab.

To use a custom-made theme, click on the Themes tab and Word 2010 gives you a selection to chose from.  Click on the one you want.  All done.

Document themes all ready to chose from…







Adding a watermark to a Word 2010 document

I want to write a letter with a visual reminder not to send it to soon…what I need is a watermark with the word “draft”.

It is no mystery and ridiculously easy… Here is a plain letter.

Here is my draft letter, missing a watermark.

The tab I need to use is Page Layout.

Watermark button is in the page background section

I click on the watermark button and it gives me a selection of watermarks.  I’m going to select “draft” to remind me not to send the letter just yet.  This is what it looks like with the watermark.

A simple way of reminding myself this is a draft document.

I can remove the watermark when I am happy with the final version, by clicking on the watermark button and selecting remove watermark.

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