What is the quick access toolbar and what’s it for?

I’ve been using the little icons above the ribbon without knowing that they had a name, and that I could add to them too…this is another way I can customise the ribbon to speed up my work.

This is the Quick Access Toolbar and it looks like this…The little down arrow gives you easy access to more options.

Quick Access Toolbar – tiny but so useful.

To customise your Quick Access Toolbar, you can select any of your favourite tools and by selecting them and then clicking on the right mouse button, then select to add them to the toolbar.

For example, I use the Format Painter all the time and I want to add it to my Quick Access Toolbar.

I go to the Home tab, and put my cursor on the Format Painter icon and click on the right mouse button.  This brings up a dialogue box, and I select “Add to quick access toolbar”

Click on “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”…easy peasy

And look, here it is.

Here it is, the little paintbrush icon on my quick access toolbar.

If I decide to remove the Format Painter, I simply put my cursor on the Format Painter icon on the Quick Access Toolbar, right click and select “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”.

The advantage of this, is that you can add or remove functions at whatever stage of the presentation you are on.  It’s a small topic in Microsoft Powerpoint training, but with a big impact. https://www.stl-training.co.uk/powerpoint-training-london.php

Add some colour to your presentation with themes in Powerpoint 2010

It’s easy to put a bit of colour into your new presentations by using the ready-made themes.  You can then add extra formatting touches to give your presentation that “wow” factor.

From the backstage view select New.

Select themes for ready-made colour and style.

Click on themes, and Powerpoint gives you a range of themes to choose from.

So many colours…oh, which one to choose?

Click on the one you want, and there you have it…instant colour…

Theme applied to new document, ready for content!

All ready to go.

For more techniques to develop your powerpoint skills, have a peek at our Powerpoint 2010 training https://www.stl-training.co.uk/powerpoint-2010-introduction.php